Album of the Week

We’re excited to announce that Shane O’Connor chose Rob’s latest album “Love Come Down” as BBC Coventry and Warwickshire’s album of the week. “Excellent songwriting, amazing musicianship and superb production” was Shane’s verdict. A track from the album was played

The Summer So Far

So the summer is flying by and I’ve been kept out of trouble by the business of life! Had a couple off great trips, the first up to Arran for a week off. What a place, did some walking, saw

Radio Tunes!

Had some great Radio exposure recently. Rob’s been added to playlists on UCB Radio, County Durhams Bishop FM and Coventry’s Radio Plus and BBC Cov and Warks seem to be liking I Cant Make You Walk. Added to that, Love

O Ye of Little Faith?

Love Come Down by Rob Halligan Those nice people at UCB Radio have added me to their playlist! If you listen to UCB do text, email or call them and ask nicely if they wouldn’t mind playing some Rob Halligan.

Confidence is the Key

There’s been a lot of talk about confidence recently, at least there has amongst the folks in my church. Being confident to do what what you believe to be right. Or being confident to believe that what you’re doing is

Catching Up

It’s been a mad couple of months, exhausting but incredibly rewarding with some great gigs, new friends and stunning moments. It was great to hear at the start of April that UCB were adding me to the playlist on their

I Can’t Make You Walk

I Cant Make You Walk is now available to download for free from Soundcloud – though of course, I can’t make you download it!

We’ve Been The Dreamers

I was rather inspired by Micheal Sheen’s speech that made the news the other day. Full of a passion that politics seemed to have lost years ago. So much rang true for me. I’m pretty non-partisan when it comes to

These Boots Were Made For Touring

Help us get a full band tour together to play in a venue near you! Join the Indiegogo Campaign and put us out on the road! Click on the image to find out more and discover some great offers from

The Year That’s Just Gone….

Blimey! It’s been a busy one hasn’t it, full of highs and lows. Before we take a look back at the last 12 months I need to let you know that 2015 is going to be different. Lots has happened,

Christmas gift ideas!

Love Come Down Bundle Includes the Love Come Down CD album, A Love Come Down t-shirt (in red, charcoal or military green), badges, stickers and three complete download cards for Another Fine Mess, The Perils The Grace & The Way

Common Language

I hate it when people try and put God lyrics to straight songs. It’s cheesiness in the extreme – not good! So I was horrified to wake up with with the verse of Bad Company’s “Feels Like Making Love” –

BBC Radio coming up!

Really excited to say that Rob will be on the Radio twice before the end of October. He recently recorded an interview with the legend Ricky Ross for a Radio2 documentary on Music and Healing where he talks about Streets

Cafe Arts – Guest Blog

Our new season starts on October 4th with a concert by a favourite past performer, Rob Halligan. Many of Rob's songs are written from his own life experiences and his passion for social justice.