OUT NOW! The One Nation Session

The new album is out now and available to order from the Online Shop The One Nation Session was recorded Live at One Nation in Warwick with a studio audience. It was More »


Premier Radio – Coventry

Just a quick note to say I’ll be on Premier Radio this coming Friday sometime after 8:30am. It’s Premiers first broadcast from Coventry and I’ll be singing and talking to John Pantry.

New One Nation DVD Out Now!

You, it’s finally here. Recorded last year in Warick’s One Nation Studio with a small but perfectly formed audience, this is 13 tracks live and acoustic with lots of chat and laughs in between. Bonus material include a couple mor

Halligan and Plass Tour Postponed

We’re very sorry to announce that Robs tour in July with Adrian and Bridget Plass has been postponed. Adrian has been rather unwell but is hopefuly on the mend and keen to reschedule the dates as soon as we can.

Quick Update – CD’s, DVD’s and Tours

HI All – Here’s a ‘lil update with some plans about what’s gonna be happening. Thanks if you’ve recently ‘liked’ me on Facebook or followed me on Twitter. I’m well on the way to the next album being finished. It’ll

Coming soon….

New DVD coming soon. Filmed at the One Nation Studios (and other places). We’ll keep you posted

Your Love

Glen Kaiser once sang a song called Jesus Is Like An Ocean. It’s a beautiful song but one reason I love it is because it paints a picture. I love it when you can visualise a song taking you somewhere.

Wild Weekend

OK – so I like to travel. And I like a hint of adventure as well – Bangladesh, Canada, Brazil, Ethiopia, France… well, no not France but hey, I like adventure. So when my good wife saw a Wildlife Expedition

My End Of Year Blog

I’m sitting here making plans for next year which is a good sign that I’ve learnt nothing from the last twelve months. Of all the planned things I had to do this time last year, only two have happened. In

Re-Scheduled Gigs

Sorry to say that the three shows booked for Decemebr have been cancelled and will be re-scheduled for  2014.

Tour Plans

This Weekend sees the final show of the year at the Sanctuary in Warrington. Then Rob has a break until Jan uary the 3rd when he’ll be playing a special, invite only, house concert to raise money for a the

USA Roadtrip – the Finale

Did you know if you put all the roads in America end to end you’d have a very long road. And here’s the thing – they’re all full of cars. There are about 63 million cars in America. That’s a

USA Part 7

We said goodbye to Pittsburgh and it’s 446 bridges and headed back to Cincinnati. After breakfasting in an IHOP (International House Of Pancakes, not the International House of Prayer, though for some the mistake would be a welcome one either

Part 6 of the USA Roadtrip

We went to Pittsburgh. It’s my second time there and I have to say that the view from mount Washington over the city is rather splendid. This has obviously been realised as the locals came up with the imaginative name,

Part Five of the great US Roadtrip.

When I was a kid we used to travel from Convent, New Jersey to Hoboken on the Erie-Lakawana railroad. I loved that. The name, the old trains and the fact that you had to climb up into the rail-car rather